Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 39
Unique Visitors Last 30 Days: 12
Total Residents: 608

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Welcome to jOpenSimWorld!

A place to come and free your mind, explore, make friends, bring friends, shop, build, play and just have fun. We have a wonderful growing community. A place where you can have the life of your dreams. Come join us, it's FREE!


We congratulate our winners of the treasure hunt raffle. Kaleu S100, Mandarinka Tasty and Karin Great won a free parcel for one year at JuniorTown :))

History of jOpenSimWorld

jOpenSimWorld has started 2010 as a demo grid for the Joomla! component jOpenSim. As time went by, it became a place where people loved to hang out. In late 2013 FoTo50 decided to change it to a public community grid.

Free Land

Free Land in jOpenSimWorld

jOpenSimWorld offers FREE land on our region Canary Islands for residentual use!

New residents of jOpenSimWorld can claim 1 parcel for free.