Moving to jOpenSim profiles... Migrate data?

1 year 3 months ago #3075 by Mike Chase
I set up a grid initially using the built in elements in OpenSIm 0.9. Search, Profiles and V2 Groups. It;s become clear there are some serious shortcomings with the built in components and I'm already using jOpenSim for basic operational stuff, creating accounts, etc.

I'm in the process of converting services. Search was fairly straightforward. I did notice that things like events for group owned regions didn't work. Ok so not a surprise, my groups are V2. So I'm planning on cutting over to jOpenSim Groups and Profiles. I have the script that migrates data from V2 groups to jOpenSim (yes backups and lots of testing in front of me). My question is regarding jOpenSim profiles. I can't find any indication as to what if anything I need to do to migrate the existing profile data or whether jOpenSim profiles uses the existing tables as is and no data migration is needed.

In short, what do I need to do to save the existing profile data, if anything, when I cut it over to jOpenSim profiles.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Mike Chase - Utopia Skye Grid.

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1 year 3 months ago #3077 by foto50
Hi Mike

Basically jOpenSim is using almost the same database table structure like the built in profile v2 from OpenSim.

The difference is, that the tables reside in the Joomla database and not in the OpenSim (robust) database.

Unfortunately I dont have any database running anymore with these tables to be able to complare completely.

If you could make some backup of your OpenSim profile database tables (I think they are usually named os_profile_*) and send it to me (foto50 at I can create a nice migration query for you if you want :)


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