GDPR information for grid masters running jOpenSim

1 year 11 months ago #2993 by foto50
Hi folks

Due to actual changes in GDPR law specially also in EU countries, some grid masters might want/need to know how jOpenSim handles their user data:
  • jOpenSim does NOT send any user data anywhere else but your own OpenSimulator database and your Joomla database!
  • jOpenSimRegister stores the first name, last name and email provided during the Joomla registration process in your OpenSimulator database
  • jOpenSimProfile stores all profile data in your Joomla database. In case GetTextureService is used, the profile images will be stored in your Joomla root folder ./images/jopensim/profile, starting the filename with the OpenSimulator UUID of the user
  • In case of using jOpenSimProfile, jOpenSimSearch or jOpenSimMoney, the last seen IP address of the user is stored in your Joomla database

Data deletion (the right to get forgotten):
  • Deleting a grid user in backend will delete:
  1. all user data from the OpenSimulator database
  2. all inventory data in OpenSimulator database
  3. all profile data in Joomla database
  4. all friendships in OpenSimulator database
  5. all offline messages in Joomla database
  • ... it will NOT delete:
  1. the Joomla user data
  2. assets created by the user (the assets e.g. placed on land or in inventory of other users remain, but will rather show an "unknown user" as creator)

I hope this helps one or the other grid master for a correct formulation of the GDPR policy information page ;)

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1 year 11 months ago #2994 by BillBlight
and to add ..

Anytime you HG anywhere, the destination server gets, your IP, your UUID, your Avatar Name, and a connection to your inventory, this is how the HG works. It has always been so , the GDPR is just highlighting it, and people seem to think it is a NEW thing.

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