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5 years 8 months ago #2153 by Dayna Bedrosian
I was wondering if there was anything in development for a land management interface. Right now everything for land has to be done manually by entering MySQL. I'm looking at being able to transfer land to different avies, moving Sims, changing names really everything involved with land admin. I haven't been able to transfer land to people even when I set it to 0. Is that tied to a money server?


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5 years 7 months ago #2154 by foto50
Hi Dayna

There are indeed plans for an easy to use interface for land management in jOpenSim.

Unfortunately the solution is not that easy to be found for this issue since land data is not stored in the robust database, but each simulator can have its own database for its land data. Currently I am investigating possibilities with the "RemoteLandServicesConnector" but a usable solution still might take a bit ...

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5 years 7 months ago #2155 by Dayna Bedrosian
Thank you for the reply. That is a very good point with SQL. Here's what I'm thinking. Now I am not even sure if this is even possible or not. What about a spot on the page where they type in the IP address and add the username and password for the database and anytime changes are made it references that information? I'm not sure if it is possible to do it like that. Just an idea.

I love JOpenSIM. It's such a wonderful system. It has taken a lot of the headache from OpenSim. We're working on incorporating our money server into it.

Also a second question. With your new version of JOpenSim, do I just load it in to the apps portion of Joomla?

Thank you again from putting out such a wonderful product.


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5 years 7 months ago #2156 by foto50
Hi Dayna

I'm not sure how to understand what you mean with "apps portion" :blush:

To your thought: this could work, but also results in a more complicated procedure for maintenance which I try to avoid with jOpenSim. Another reason why I would like to find another solution is that I try to keep jOpenSim usable for most possible scenarios of OpenSim grids:

Imagine someone wants to create a grid and give others the possibility to connect their simulator(s) to this grid (somehow like OSgrid works). Having my own simulator with my own database I would not even want to give away my access data for the database to the grid master ... god knows what other secrets I have stored there ;)

My current toughts go this direction: what if I create some C# module (dll file) for the simulators that will register with jOpenSim and perform land maintenance issues via XMLRPC calls from jOpenSim. On jOpenSim side I could add some sort of ACL that connects registered users to registered simulators where they can administrate land on those simulators.

I'm currently trying to get jOpenSim to Joomla 3.x (which already takes ages due to lack of time I'm afraid) where I would like to make some tests for this feature then :)


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