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jOpenSim released

4 years 3 months ago #2705 by foto50
jOpenSim is a "birthday-release" :cheer: yesterday exactly 7 years ago the very first version was released ;)

A big change is not visible: the user creation routines are rewritten and prepared for the also new version jOpenSimRegister for better avatar selection.

New: if the selectable avatar has an image for 2nd life set in its profile and getTexture is enabled, the component will try to automatically retrieve this image for the plugin.

New: in global config, you have the possibility to disable Joomla's caching just for the component and keep it enabled for the rest of the site. In the current version of Joomla (3.7.5) there seems to be some bug in it's caching that prevents the profile pages (e.g. via the friends module) to work correct. Thanks Lupopa for pointing me to this.

New: in maps settings, you also can add a link icon besides the region name if some article is linked to it ... this gives a little more attention to the link.

Besides that, several bugs have been fixed, mostly in maps, events and search
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