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Judy Muircastle's Hobo Park Reopening at Lost Paradise

4 years 9 months ago #2535 by foto50
This is maybe an unusual announcement in this forum, but it is a big concern for me to let you know about this:

Last year, Judy Muircastle started to create a Hobo Park for jOpenSimWorld but stalled the project due to busy times in Inworlz. Without any promises or fixed schedule, the plan was to maybe continue once the busy time is over.

A few days ago now I got informed, that after prolonged illness Judy has passed away from RL already almost 6 months ago :(

But the grid Lost Paradise is keeping up her bequest and so in our memories she'll live forever. Strummer Skytower spared no effort and rebuilt her park in a 4 varregion place which will reopen on saturday, 18th february at 9:00am PST (6:00pm CET). Dont miss this! You'll find it at lpgrid.com:8002/

Thank you for the many beautiful and funny moments that you have given us. Bon voyage Judy, we will miss you!


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